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Proven Success Speaks for Itself

“DFI has certainly added a great component to our suite of products. As an F&I provider, we strive to carry the ‘best in the business‘ products with the highest levels of service, satisfaction and retention. DFI is a highly professional group of people that share our initiative to provide the best product on the market which a significant reason our partnership has fostered such great new business opportunities. We have been more than pleased with the benefits that accompany our alliance with DFI and highly recommend their superior product for anyone looking to improve their product offering.

– Terry Sandlin, Sales Support,
RoadVantage F&I Products,
Austin, Texas (USA)

DFI is wonderful, honestly I have never experienced the same quality of support and satisfaction with any other company. DFI is committed to making our experience the best one possible, great customer service and support, friendly and caring staff members, insightful expertise and always willing to help us with marketing and sales tools.” 

– Chloe Arnold, Marketing, GLASSource,
Grand Haven, Michigan (USA)

Coating both sides of the glass has been a great differentiator for us by eliminating backward installation errors and significantly reducing handling and transit damage. Diamon-Fusion has been a great added value for our customers and us.

– Jim Arnold, President of GLASSource
Grand Haven, Michigan (USA)

“Diamon-Fusion® has been a great product. We haven't noticed any deficiencies in the product or how it has been applied.”

- Mark, Vice President
A Southern California Glass Company
California (USA)

“I reached out to a few of my installers and the feedback I received was that they prefer Diamon-Fusion!! It is a good product and they prefer it! I consider that a win!!” 

- Brandy, Residential Office Manager 
A Southern California Glass Company
California (USA)

“Diamon-Fusion is a great product backed by a fantastic warranty and supported by the most competent, punctual, and friendliest support team I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I will gladly recommend Diamon-Fusion to anyone looking (or not looking) to have their glass surface protected in the best way possible.”

- Jake Saporsky, Project Manager
Trulite Glass and Aluminum Solutions
City of Industry, California (USA)

“I'm very happy and amazed with DFI’s Glass Rescue™. I visited one of our local recreation centers to see if I could help remove calcium staining from a window located beside a water slide which faces outside and is completely white from staining. The Facility Manager said they've tried everything to remove the staining including muriatic acid with no luck. I took a fingertip worth of Glass Rescue and 30 seconds of scrubbing and cleaned a hole right through! We were both very impressed! This stuff is our secret weapon for Glass Restoration.”

- Grant Demaray, Glass Restoration & Protection Specialist, ProGuard Canada
Barrie Ontario (Canada)

"We are both fortunate and very happy to have a supplier as professional and reliable as DFI. Although we are a small company, we deal with many suppliers and not one can match the track record of DFI for prompt and effective support when needed. Everyone we have dealt with at DFI has been courteous and attentive to our needs.

Starsheen is exhibiting at our first home and garden show next month and the help and attention we've received from DFI has been excellent. I wish all companies were as responsive and pleasant to do business with. DFI rocks! Keep up the great work and our customers love DFI products!"

- Kevin Morgan, V.P. Operations at Starsheen Services, Inc.
College Station, Texas (USA)

“DFI just makes it easy! The product sells itself. While our retail customers enjoy the chemical-free cleaning and lifetime warranty. Our dealers love the marketing materials and product performance.” 

- Chad Eighmey, Splendor Shower Door
Holland, Ohio (USA)

“We knew that if we were going to become the premier supplier of custom shower glass in our market that we needed a high-quality coating like Diamon-Fusion®. When we heard about the FuseCube™ from IGE Glass Technologies, how easy it is to use and how labor, material and space-efficient it is, and we knew that was the right choice.

We’ve also seen the growing use of DFI coatings on exterior building glass and are keen to capitalize on that new trend. The FuseCube™’s advantages will definitely help us in that regard.”

- Ruby Singh, President of Glassfab Tempering Services
Tracy, California (USA)

DFI’s chamber technology and the premium glass coating it applies has gotten us into customers who otherwise would have considered us to be just like everyone else. It’s differentiated our product so we’re not seen as a commodity. It adds value allowing us and our customers the opportunity to increase revenue.” 

– Jim Arnold, President of GLASSource
Grand Haven, Michigan (USA)

“Using the FuseCube, we've treated in only 2 hours what would've taken us 11 hours with our previous manually-applied coating for the same exact amount of glass panels, while utilizing no labor at all, so complete savings on labor.”

- Alfonso Pérez Álvarez, Managing Director at Mamparas Doccia
Sevilla (Spain)

"We've been offering the Diamon-Fusion windshield protective coating for almost 5 years now and could not be any happier; not only that we offer all our customers safer driving conditions all-yearlong but we also can maintain the same level of safety and premium quality over time at no additional cost as it's being covered through our service program.  

The most important aspect of DFI for our dealership is that the customers have been shown the benefits of returning to us for a Revitalizer application every 5-6 months which is perfect for our service intervals, so we do that at no charge for a customer who is in for a service, therefore keeping all of our customer’s returning to us for their scheduled maintenance. It's been truly an amazing product in every way, and a great additional profit center for our dealership. DFI truly sets the standard when it comes to windshield protective coatings, nothing else comes close."

- Brian August, 2nd Generation Dealer Principal, Past Director,

BC Auto Dealers Association, Kelowna Motors, Kelowna, British Columbia (Canada)

“I have been in the window cleaning business for nearly 20 years and Diamon-Fusion® protective coating is the best product that I have come across.”

– Mike Long, Owner of Clean Services Northwest Inc.
Portland, Oregon (USA)

"Diamon-Fusion® provides an additional and unique tool to differentiate our product from all others. DFI offers unparallel ultra efficiency to our industrial process avoiding any manual labor with a top-quality protective coating. We have fashioned DFI's nanocoating at many highly reputable and well-known projects worldwide, all with great results, and we continue to have the most prestigious Architects specify Diamon-Fusion® as a must-have low-maintenance feature to all our glass."

- Joan Tarrus, Marketing Director at CRICURSA
Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

"We have been using the Diamon-Fusion protective coating for years and not only have we received very positive feedback from all our customers, we also have applied it as a standard feature to our entire shower door product line and have seen great financial results. Diamon-Fusion, is an amazing added tool, which certainly exceeded our original expectations. Moreover, DFI has been an excellent partner to be associated with and I look forward to many more years of mutual success."

- Robin Craddock, Managing Director at Lakes Bathrooms Ltd.
Ashchurch, Tewkesbury (United Kingdom)

"Diamon-Fusion®,  has provided a significant marketing advantage in our sales. The industrial application of DFI's unique vapor chamber process has truly no match when it comes to production efficiency, coating consistency and overall quality: by far the best and most cost-effective option in the glass industry today."

- Bill Marchitello, Business Director at Prelco Group
Cartier, Quebec (Canada)

"We've licensed Diamon-Fusion® because we know it provides both the highest quality and, by far, the most efficient application compared to any other coating of its kind. The chemical vapor deposition chamber allows us to streamline our production and industrial processes and, at the same time, obtain the extra benefit of getting our glass treated on both sides at no additional cost, unlike any other product. We've been a partner of DFI for over 7 years now and can unquestionably attest to their level of professionalism and excellence in partnership."

- Francisco Sanchez Gil, Managing Director at Cristacurva
Zapopan, JAL (Mexico) 

"I have treated glass at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Lighthouse at Steamer's Lane for the city of Santa Cruz, fishing boats and yachts, window at a multi-million dollar estate, and numerous shower doors, tile, granite counter tops and windshields with Diamon Fusion® over the last three years. I am passionate about the powerful nanotechnology and proud to be affiliated with Diamon Fusion® International."

- Central Coast Diamon Fusion® and Window Cleaning

Soquel, California (USA)

“We appreciate all the help you provide along with a very superior product.” 

– Jay Young, Winston Shower Door
Winston Salem, North Carolina (USA)

"Diamon-Fusion products are second to none that we have used. My partner and I have a combined 27 years in this industry and can easily say we have tried them all. Diamon-Fusion Surface Protection Products are backed by years of research and development and they have the patents to prove it. Their customer service is like no other in the industry and we suggest you just experience this product for yourself. My clients are in constant awe over the product itself. Diamon-Fusion Surface Protection products sell because they are a superior product. There are other very good products on the market; however, after much testing of them all myself; we will not use anything else."

– Danya Rosales, A Better View Glass & Mirror
Yorktown, Virginia (USA)

"Having added CLEAR CHOICE™ for automotive windshields to our business has been most beneficial in multiple ways. Not only has it added profit to our business, but also the feeling from customers that we are looking out for there well being and safety. To be able to use CLEAR CHOICE to build that trust and loyalty has been a great tool for us."

- Genaro"Jerry"Carabay
Glass Doctor of Tulare County


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