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Ensure Peak Performance While Maintaining Your Solar Panel System

The number one concern among solar panel owners is how to maintain their new investment to ensure it operates efficiently. Dirt on panels blocks sunlight and UV rays, diminishing the electrical output. With the rising popularity of both residential and commercial solar energy , DFI has found yet another area where its coating products provide a significant benefit.  In addition to reducing how often solar panels need to be cleaned, making the cleaning easier when it is done, DFI protective coatings also make the panels impact and scratch resistant. As a result, solar panel owners whose panels are treated with DFI products experience increased efficiency from having cleaner panels, along with protection from the damage that can occur from blowing debris, such as tree branches or hail storms. 

Whether DFI protective coatings come pre-treated from the factory, or applied by your professional solar panel installer or is applied after installation by a DFI Licensee, you'll immediately need to clean less and enjoy increased peace of mind that your investment has a reduced risk from costly damage.

The secret is in DFI patented coating technology that improves and protects treated surfaces with an ultra smooth barrier against:

DFI Patented Easy-to-Clean Coating Protection:

DFI offers a brilliant solution in solar panel protection and performance!

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