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What are the surfaces you’re cleaning most in your home? If you’re like most people, that list starts out with the kitchen counters, the shower enclosures (or shower screens) and the toilets. If a drop of water dries on each of these three, on which is the spot most noticeable? If you have clear shower doors (or shower screens) , like millions of homeowners worldwide, you know the answer is the shower door (or shower screens).

DFI patented easy-to-clean shower door / shower enclosure / shower screen protective coatings improve and protect your glass, granite, tiles, porcelain, and quartz surfaces with the features and benefits below:

For more information on DFI professional-grade coatings, please fill out a contact form that is on To get our consumer-grade coating, DIY kits, shower door (or shower screen) maintenance kits, or cleaning products, visit our online store at

The family of DFI’s Founder, Adam Zax, has been in the glass business for over 80 years. When he met Don Hayden, the inventor of the Diamon-Fusion® process, Adam knew that the people who would immediately appreciate the ability to make glass harder to stain would be owners of clear glass shower doors (or shower screens). So that is where Adam started. And he was right. No more squeegee (unless you really can’t let it go) and no more back breaking work to keep your clear glass shower enclosure (or shower screens) beautiful for years. (Read more about our company’s history here.)

Since that founding in 1996, DFI has grown substantially based on that foundation of shower enclosure (or shower screens) owners who loved the product and told their friends. DFI now works with large original equipment manufacturers of all kinds of products as well as smaller fabricators and installers around the world to help them help their customers make their lives easier. Through extensive Research & Development, we continue to launch new products and improve existing ones to achieve this goal. We hope you are or will be one of those customers. You deserve it!

If you haven’t had a chance to read the Residential Applications  page or many of the other informative sections of our site, please do so as it will help you understand ALL the great benefits of Diamon-Fusion® or one of DFI’s other protective coatings for a variety of surfaces in your home, office or vehicle – from protecting your investment to helping save the environment – DFI helps make your life easier, healthier and more beautiful for longer!


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DFI is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Diamon-Fusion® easy-to-clean protective coating can contribute to LEED points, find out how here.

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