Safety and Protection

For marine vessels, water repellency is critical because water is always present and often unpredictable. Hydrophobic coatings improve visibility by over 30%, giving an additional second of reaction time which translates into a valuable safety feature.  When a coating is applied to the glass of a commercial marine vessel or personal water craft, this added safety feature can be the difference of encountering an issue or avoiding one.

Prevent Damage

DFI protective coatings are much more durable and resistant to normal chips, cracks and scratches because it reduces the coefficient of friction and increase the possible weight load of glass by up to 10 times. In Marine applications, equipment on board can often hit the glass while underway damaging the surface. DFI's coatings are impact resistant and will minimize the damage and the hassles of glass replacement.

Protect Against Harsh Salt Water

Salt water corrosion is a major problem in vessels that travel the ocean, requiring constant, laborious wash downs. DFI coating create a smoother glass surface hard salt water cannot stick to. What does stick is much easier to remove than if the glass were not treated.

DFI Glass Protection Treatment for Marine Vessels:

For all these reasons, many maritime entities and National Navy vessels are currently using DFI coatings.

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