01 Granite


Granite is a naturally porous stone. Microorganisms can grow in the pores and contaminate food on the surface. Granite is also susceptible to scratches, chips and cracks. Given most granite is used in the kitchen and bath, it becomes exposed to hard water spots, food stains, soap scum and mold which can become difficult to remove.

By applying a DFI coating, you protect your precious stone, leaving it more vibrant, smoother and shinier, as well as easier to clean and more hygienic when items do make contact with the surface. If you love the natural beauty of stone, be sure to protect it for years to come with one of DFI award-winning protective coatings.  

DFI patented easy-to-clean protective coatings improve and protect your glass, granite, tiles, porcelain, and quartz surfaces with the features and benefits below:

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Because granite is a natural stone, the porosity varies within the same stone and granite type to granite type, so we strongly suggest your installer applies the coating to a small test area to gauge its effectiveness. In rare instances, the coating can change the color of the coating, if iron exists in the granite.