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Diamon-Fusion® Limited Warranty for US Automotive Market

Provided by Third Party

Warranties offered by our partners range from repellency-only programs up to complete windshield (or windscreen) repair and replacement policies, should damage occur. Please keep in mind that even Diamon-Fusion®’s initial highly-repellent effect can wane over time, especially in harsh environments.  However, that doesn’t mean that the coating’s impact and chip resistance benefit has been reduced.  Some dealerships also offer a regular Revitalization service through DFI’s Peak Performance Program to return that repellency to “like new”, should it be needed. 

To include Diamon-Fusion with your new or used car or truck purchase, please ask your dealer for Diamon-Fusion by name.  If they offer a substitute, ask to see the test results that prove it works like Diamon-Fusion. 


Warranty Claim Information

We’re sorry to learn you’ve experienced some damage.  Unfortunately our coatings aren’t bulletproof, so it does happen.  Imagine what the damage would be like if you didn’t have Diamon-Fusion applied!  Due to the structure of the market, DFI does not directly offer or underwrite automotive warranties. 

To make a warranty claim, you will need to call the company that created and sold the warranty.  There are several, so please look at both the front and back of the paperwork you received from the dealership when you purchased the coating and warranty (often with all the other paperwork you received when you purchased your car) for the proper phone number to call.

In addition, you will also need the warranty number which is typically on the front of that document.  If you’ve misplaced that paperwork, please contact the dealership where you purchased it to receive that phone number and your warranty number. 

Please see below an example of the Diamon-Fusion auto windshield (or windscreen) warranty from XYZ COMPANY with red boxes where you can find the information to make a claim. (Different warranties will have this information in different places on the documents.)

Front of the Warranty Document:

Diamon Fusion Auto Warranty Sample Page 1 

Back of the Warranty Document:

Diamon Fusion Auto Warranty Sample Page 2

If there is anything we can do to assist, please complete the contact form to the right and we’ll get right on it!