Restoration Powder

Restoration Powder

Why replace when you can restore?

After years of use, some stains can become so deep, no matter how much you scrub the stains are impossible to remove. With Diamon-Fusion® Restoration Powder, you can restore and prepare surfaces for treatment, making the glass as good as when you first purchased it.  

DFI Restoration Powder removes normal to moderate stains from soap scum or hard water spots. It is so effective, it will strip surfaces clean, returning it to its like-new condition. Once the cleaning process is complete, the surface is then ready to be treated with one of DFI's protective coatings, resulting in a protected, brilliant surface for years to come.

The easy-to-use DFI Restoration Powder comes in a:

  • 2 ounce shaker bottle
  • 5 ounce shaker bottle

Use alone or as a preparatory cleaning product, the powder cleans and restores water-damaged surfaces to a level unlike any other similar product on the market.

  • Coating Comparison Chart

    DFI offers a variety of protective coatings that deliver differing performance and longevity.

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  • Testimonials

    "This is a product that flat out works!"

    David Gervich, Iowa Falls, Iowa (USA)

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