Glass Rescue

Glass Rescue


“I'm very happy and amazed with DFI’s Glass Rescue™. I visited one of our local recreation centers to see if I could help remove calcium staining from a window located beside a water slide which faces outside and is completely white from staining. The Facility Manager said they've tried everything to remove the staining including muriatic acid with no luck. I took a fingertip worth of Glass Rescue and 30 seconds of scrubbing and cleaned a hole right through! We were both very impressed! This stuff is our secret weapon for Glass Restoration.”

- Grant Demaray, Glass Restoration & Protection Specialist, Glass Doctor
Barrie Ontario (Canada)

For badly stained surfaces, DFI offers a professional-quality solution for water-damaged glass. Glass Rescue cleans and restores heavily stained surfaces, even those stained over long periods of time. Restoring these surfaces, which may still be in good condition had they been properly maintained with DFI products, is welcomed as a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative.  Glass Rescue is the strongest DFI product available for restoration of heavily-stained surfaces. The professional-quality concentrated power of Glass Rescue requires only a small amount for deep set stains and can be diluted with water or used straight from the bottle to suit the extent of the damage of the surface being cleaned.

Glass Rescue is the strongest restoration product for:

  • Lime scale
  • Calcium deposits
  • Soap scum
  • Salt spray
  • Other contaminants

Please be aware that Glass Rescue may stain surfaces such as, stucco, brick, concrete, etc. Before using Glass Rescue, you should either test for capability or protect areas with tape and plastic sheeting.

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