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Unbelievable Cost Savings

    • Rolling the racks in and out is all the labor it takes to coat up to 75 lites with the FuseCube. The competitor’s process can take up to 6+ hours by hand or spray gun. That's a 94% reduction in labor time.
    • Reduce your applied costs by over 84%.
    • The FuseCube is by far the most efficient process for coating glass. This is a "zero" materials wastage system versus coating from the factory.
  • Saving on countless hours of labor will allow you to spend more time and capital on other business operations or put money back into your pocket.
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Eliminate Human Error

    • Worried your team might have coated the wrong side of the glass? Not anymore. The FuseCube coats both sides of the glass, leaving no room for human errors.
    • Every penny counts. Never worry again about using too much or too little of a spray-on coating on the glass - ensuring a perfect coating with no waste.
  • Eliminate spotty coatings. Whether it's the first production run of the day or the last, you can be confident that Diamon-Fusion will be consistently applied to the whole surface of the glass, every time - guaranteed.
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Built to Adapt

    • Don't think you coat enough glass per day? FuseCube Flex models start with a capacity as small as 25 lites, and are modular so you can upgrade your machinery to meet your production demand.
    • With runs taking only one hour, the FuseCube delivers quick capacity, ready to run up to 24 times per day - producing up to 10,800 coated panels per day or more! It's design capacity is truly limitless.
    • The FuseCube can be customized to fit your workflow, allowing for seamless integration. Whether you need doors in the back or on the side, it can be done with the FuseCube.

Beat the Competition

    • Most companies offer a coating on only one side of the glass. Differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a coating on both sides of the glass, for less than the single-sided price.
    • Guarantee backwards installations will never happen again, saving you callbacks, headaches, resources and time wasted from glass shops - making their lives easier too.
    • Protect both sides of your glass from chips, scratches and cracks that occur between your dock and the installation site (but always get blamed on you).

Unmatched Safety

    • Eliminate environmental and cross contamination risks from spraying chemicals in your facility, as well as spills or overspray.
    • Protect your business from potential problems with OSHA. The FuseCube has been awarded "blanket" approval from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (one of the most stringent in the world), as a zero-emissions process.

Huge Productivity Gains

  • Coat 75 lites in the same time it takes to coat 10 lites manually. That's a 650% increase in just one hour's worth of production (no lie).
  • Virtually zero labor is required to run the machine, resulting in more man hours to boost production in other areas of your manufacturing facility.
  • With no cure times and faster production times, you can fulfill and ship more customer orders faster, reducing your cash-to-cash cycle.
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Production Peace of Mind

with Max UptimeTM Guarantee

Your daily operations, throughput and production capabilities are things we do not take lightly. Which is why we are providing your FuseCube with a 3-year/600-run warranty, redundant systems and free proactive service calls to ensure 24/7 peace of mind. Whatever it is you need a hand with, our team is just a phone call away.

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Generate More Sales

We Become Part of your Sales Team

You’re busy, we get it. That’s why DFI is doing the work for you and your customers. We are driving demand to your business through a variety of marketing campaigns, programs and sales collateral. Whether it’s through our online dealer locator program designed to drive more traffic to your website/business, or our point-of-purchase kits used to help your customers advertise to their customers, DFI is stopping short of nothing to help your business succeed. Think of us as your marketing arm.

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Superior Coating Comes Standard

Easiest-to-CleanTM Diamon-Fusion Coating. Patented, with a Lifetime Warranty

Deliver the lowest cost per lite, while simultaneously offering the Easiest-to-Clean coating in the industry. Sound too good to be true? The FuseCube's technology makes it happen. Every FuseCube comes standard with the world-class, patented Diamon-Fusion low-maintenance+ coating. So you can enjoy lower acquisition costs and put the world's best protective coating on your glass.

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