Express Care Kit

DFI Express Care Kit

You've protected your surface with a DFI coating, now how do you maintain it? In a compact version, the Express Care Kit features the same value-added products as the Consumer Maintenance Kit for smaller surface area coverage, helping you maintain surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion or other DFI protective coatings. This all-in-one kit helps make the very basic routine maintenance even easier, and may help save you money if you’ve neglected that maintenance for some time.

Using the DFI Express Care Kit is a quick, convenient way to help you care for your treated surfaces for years to come. The Express Care Kit provides everything you need to do the basic maintenance but in a more compact size. With DFI's protective coatings, basic maintenance is all you need to keep your surfaces beautiful for years.

The DFI Express Care Kit includes:

  • 5 NanoPax® of DFI Revitalizer to help return surfaces already protected by one of DFI's protective coatings to "just applied" condition
  • A NanoPax® of DFI Restoration Power to remove stains without scratching the surface
  • A nylon cleaning puff to wipe down the treated surface and to remove light to moderate stains
  • A white scrubber pad to remove tougher stains if necessary, if basic maintenance has been neglected
  • A microfiber towel to polish treated areas to enhance surface brilliance.

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    "This is a product that flat out works!"

    David Gervich, Iowa Falls, Iowa (USA)

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