Consumer Maintenance Kit

Consumer Maintenance Kit


"I had a shower door installed 7-years ago that had severe hard water staining although it was initially treated with another coating product. After an extensive Internet search, I came across your Consumer Maintenance Kit and it has completely removed the stains and returned my door to almost new condition – it even removed the stains on my bathroom faucets as well. I am very pleased with the results and have recommended the product to a number of my friends."

- Marty Sidor
Palo Alto, California (USA)

"I had Diamon Fusion® applied on my shower door in October 2001 and it is still very effective and has more than exceeded my expectations after all of these years. I also am extremely pleased with your Consumer Maintenance Kit which has saved me several hundred dollars in potential replacement costs."

- Tom Thompson
Corona del Mar, California (USA)

You've made the choice to protect your surfaces, now be sure to maintain it. The Consumer Maintenance Kit is ideal for customers who have purchased a DFI protective coating treatment in the past and need to clean and refresh the application in an easy-to-use system to ensure your treated surfaces remains in top condition for years to come. 

Each kits has been designed and tested specifically for use with DFI protective coatings to achieve the highest quality results. The user-friendly format  makes cleaning, protecting and maintaining treated surfaces easy for you.

Each DFI Consumer Maintenance Kit contains:

  • 16 oz. bottle of DFI Revitalizer to bring coated surfaces to "like-new" condition
  • 3) 7g. packets of DFI Restoration Power
  • Light and heavy scrubbers
  • Microfiber towel for polishing the surface

Each kit comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instruction for maximum performance. The kit is also great at helping you meet the maintenance requirement of the DFI warranty. 

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    "This is a product that flat out works!"

    David Gervich, Iowa Falls, Iowa (USA)

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