Clear Fusion V

Clear-Fusion V

Your Eco-Friendly Answer to Cleaning Challenges

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast, Clear-Fusion™ V Protective Coating offers an easy-to-use, self-application coating process for silica-based surfaces, such as:

  • Shower doors
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Mirrors
  • Windows
  • Tiled walls

While not as water repellant and durable as the professionally applied Diamon-Fusion® protective coating, Clear-Fusion™ V seals and protects these areas and many other common surfaces in homes, businesses and managed facilities. The coating makes maintenance easier by preventing mineral deposits and soap scum build-up, thus requiring less frequent cleanings.

*DFI protective coatings are not recommended for use on the floor as they will make the floor more slick. For non-slip surfaces, DFI recommends using an anti-slip coating. 

When cleaning is required, Clear-Fusion™ V makes the few deposits that do occur much easier to remove. Clear-Fusion™ V:

  • Reduces cleaning time and effort
  • Ensures treated surfaces are water repellent, scratch, stain and impact resistant
  • Protects most surfaces (glass, tile, granite, porcelain, ceramic and more)

Clear-Fusion™ V is clearly the answer for the home or business owner who wants the protection synonymous with the DFI name in a Do-It-Yourself product. It comes in 4 oz./118 ml, 16 oz./473 ml and 1 liter/34 fl. oz spray bottles, as well as the award-winning NanoPax® series in pre-portioned towelettes that make the application process even easier.

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    "This is a product that flat out works!"

    David Gervich, Iowa Falls, Iowa (USA)

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