Patent Protected Technology

A patent is the rock you can rely on in sea of questionable claims


Us Patent

Everyone knows that when you have a major new technology, you patent it to protect the idea.  Nanotechnology is no different. The United States Patent number for Diamon-Fusion® is 6,245,387 and can be found on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website (

In the sea of questionable claims about what products can do, a patent is the rock that you can rely on to ensure the technology is real. As new coatings enter the market, look to see if they are patented. If you can’t find the number, ask the sales representative or manufacturer. If it is not patented, it is likely based on old, obsolete technology despite what they may be claiming.

DFI has multiple patents or patents-pending in over 120 countries worldwide. DFI’s Research & Development team is constantly improving our processes and techniques covered by our patents and applying for new ones when we do something again that is completely novel and unique. 

So if you want to ensure the technology is real and isn’t just someone else’s product with a different label, make sure you’re buying patented products from DFI.