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If you don't succeed, we don't succeed!

The team at Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. has over 75 years of combined experience explaining the benefits of protective coatings to home owners, building owners, vehicle owners, government and military organizations, and many other diverse end-users.  We’ve been able to help each understand how a protective coating solves their problems and the return it provides. 

We’ve taken this experience and applied it to create eye-catching and effective sales tools for your business.  From a complete retail point-of-purchase kit to detailed test results provided by leading independent laboratories, and content for websites and printed media, DFI will provide you what you need to grab your customers’ attention and help them clearly see the benefits of adding a DFI coating to protect their investment.  And we keep adding new tools every day.

If you find that we don’t have what you need, we want to hear about it.  Simply email and let us know what’s missing and we will get to work on it.

If you’d like to learn the details about how DFI will help stretch your advertising dollars, please complete the contact form on the right of this page and type “Marketing” in the Comment field.

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