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Why Treat Both Sides of the Glass With DFI's Protective Coating?

Or Even All 6 Sides (front, back, and 4 edges)

When you apply a DFI protective coating to both sides of glass such as shower enclosures, windows, glass railings, and storefront, you get the following benefits:

  • Increased Protection From Transit and Handling Damage for Two Reasons:
    1. DFI coatings can strengthen the glass by filling the ridges and valleys of the "rough" glass surfaces with a covalent chemical bond (about 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bond, which is commonly used in other protective coatings) and becoming part of the glass
    2. DFI coatings can increase the scratch and impact resistance of glass surfaces up to 10 times. See the test results here.
  • Reduction of Edge Strike - With DFI’s new patent-pending FuseCube, all 6 sides (front, back, and 4 edges) can be easily treated with just one push of the button

  • Increased the Safety of Glass Handling People - With lower chance of glass damage and breakage, your glass handling people are safer with a reduced chance of work related injury or even death

  • Increased Visibility & Reduced Cleaning Effort on Both Sides - Spots on either side of glass look it look ugly, but with DFI protective low-maintenance coating on both sides, glass can stay cleaner much longer.

  • Prevention of Installation Errors - Now you no longer need to worry about the possibility of installing the wrong side of the glass, because with DFI coating on all sides of the glass, there is no chance that it can be installed wrong.

  • Increased Silicone Adhesion - Independent test has shown that on glass treated with Diamon-Fusion protective coating, there is an approximately 30% increase in adhesion for shower or tub slider hanger brackets.


If you are interested in becoming a DFI Authorized Applicator/Dealer, click here for more details. 

To learn more about how you can easily apply DFI coatings to all 6 sides (front, back, and 4 edges) of the glass with DFI’s new patent-pending FuseCube, click here.

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