Coating For Every Budget

A Coating for Every Budget

Capitalize on the Growing Demand to Increase Sales, Customer Satisfaction and More

As you may have read in our Product Section, DFI offers a variety of protective coatings that deliver differing performance and longevity.  From the pinnacle of protective coating durability, Diamon-Fusion® ULTRA, to the affordability of Clear-Fusion™V, to the patented flagship Diamon-Fusion®, DFI delivers what you need.  Whether you’re applying our product in high volumes in a factory setting or on a small area that’s already installed, we provide the greatest degree of industrial flexibility in the industry.  We have the greatest range of offerings and form factors to make production, inventory, sales and repeat sales fast and cost-effective.

With the right set of conditions and DFI’s patented and patent-pending technological advantages, we can deliver even the highest quality coatings at a price no competitor can touch.

You can find an overall comparison of coating features for DFI easy-to-clean protective surface coatings at

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