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From the booming demand in our core markets to the incredible potential in a diversity of niche markets, DFI works with a variety of resellers around the world.

The massive cost and operational advantages of our patented and patent-pending coatings, equipment and processes give you distinct advantages against those selling other protective coatings.  DFI can help you do things no other coating supplier can, faster, better, cleaner and cheaper.  Whether you're coating hundreds of thousands of square meters per month for commercial building envelopes or just a couple thousand square feet of granite, DFI has the products, processes and marketing support to help you succeed.

Please feel free to review the information below at your leisure.  If you believe there is a good fit between DFI and your organization, please fill out the Business Interest Form and we'll follow up with you to explore how we can help you capitalize on the growing demand to increase your sales, customer satisfaction and more.

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