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Certified Diamon-Fusion Dealer Program FAQ’s

Looking for answers on the program? Check out the list of questions below.

Who can participate in the Certified Diamon-Fusion Dealer Program?
The program is offered in the US and Canada only. Participants must also sell Diamon-Fusion protective coating..

How do I know if my company is already registered?
If you do not receive an email letting you know that your company is registered, you can check by going to the Expert Registration Form and typing your company’s name in the company field. If it appears, your company is registered. If not, go to the Dealer Application Form and sign up.

What is the difference between a Dealer and a Fabricator?
A dealer is generally considered a small to medium-sized glass shop that sells to consumers. A fabricator/manufacturer typically sells Diamon-Fusion coated treated glass to glass shops.

What contact information should I provide in the Dealer Application?
Please provide the phone number and email address that you would like to use for potential customers to contact you.

What if my company has multiple locations?
You will need to sign up and certify each location separately. For company name, please put your company’s name and the city it is located in, separated by a hyphen. (E.g. Glass Shop – Sacramento)

How will this program benefit my company?
Along with creating a more knowledgeable sales staff, your company will build stronger credibility amongst the public and be listed on our Online Dealer Locator (creating more exposure for your business).

How many employees have to register to become a Certified Dealer?
At least one employee must become a Certified Expert. They do this by filling out the Expert Registration Form and taking our online Sales Training Course.

What can I expect to learn in the sales training video?
The online training video is designed to educate viewers on the benefits of Diamon-Fusion, key strategies on how it will help your customers, as well as how to increase sales.

How long is the Sales Training Course?
The Sales Training Course consists of a short video followed by a ten question quiz. You need to get at least seven questions correct to pass.

What happens when I pass the training course and become certified?
Your company information will be listed on our Online Dealer Locator page, with an accompanying emblem identifying it as a Certified Diamon-Fusion Dealer. You will also receive a digital and paper certificate that you can post online and/or display at your physical location.

How can I get my company’s information changed after registering?
You can send an email to certification@diamonfusion.com with your company name and the information you would like changed. We will take care of the rest.

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