Why Choose Diamon-Fusion International (DFI)

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) Patented Easy-To-Clean Protective Coatings, Cleaning/Restoration, and/or Maintenance Products and Services: 

If you are wondering why you should be purchasing DFI products vs. any other products, we’ll make it simple for you. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to choose Diamon-Fusion International (DFI):

  1. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) premium and award-winning nano-coating Diamon Fusion® has the solid protection (and associated degree of inventiveness) of a granted patent.

  2. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) covers all volumes, any scale: large, medium and small. No customer is too small or too large for us to partner up with.

  3. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) operates under Ethically Empowered Licensing principles and the Golden Rule of do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  4. Proven Track Record for over 18 years in the marketplace and under the “same roof”: Diamon Fusion International, Inc., established in 1997.

  5. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) has been doing business with some of the most prestigious and most reputable companies around the world in their respective markets.

  6. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) has the most ultra-efficient method of applying an easy-to-clean coating onto silica-based surfaces and the most cost-effective way. The FuseCube™ System automatically coats thousands of square feet of glass on both sides and all exposed edges of the glass in less than an hour, all while reducing costs up to 84% versus hand-applied coating. All of this is done in a matter of minutes with virtually no labor. No other coating can make this claim, guaranteed.

  7. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) provides solution to any surface protection, restoration or maintenance issues you may have. DFI's wide range of products can consolidate your purchases by making us a ONE-STOP supplier.

  8. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) is the first hydrophobic protective coating company to have its products specifically reviewed for compliance in association with USGBC's LEED rating system to confirm how they can contribute in the following categories: Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Materials and Resources.

  9. Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) is a Green conscious company. DFI patented Diamon Fusion® nano-coating generates Zero Emissions to the environment and a Diamon Fusion® specified building recently received a double Platinum LEED* certification, the highest green standard in the industry.

  10. Innovation ignites growth. Growth is a sign of an innovative and healthy company. DFI company has achieved sustainable growth since its foundation. Even during the very difficult economic climate of the past few years, thanks to DFI loyal family of licensees, we have continued to grow steadily.

*Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED provides building owners and operators a concise framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

Customers around the world have discovered DFI's unique products to help restore, maintain and protect surfaces.  DFI patented easy-to-clean protective coatings improve and protect your glass, granite, tiles, porcelain, and quartz surfaces with the features and benefits below:

  • UV stable
  • 100% optically clear
  • Reduces cleaning by up to 90%
  • 20% more brilliance
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Protection of the surface from stains, scratches and other damage
  • A healthier environment by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners
  • Benefits for new or existing surfaces
  • A more hygienic home by reducing mold and bacteria
  • Revitalization to maintain “like new” performance, if desired, is easy and effective
  • Protection from water, scratching and other environmental damage
  • Prevents construction damage
  • 10X more water repellent
  • Patent-protected in over 40 countries worldwide

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DFI's patented nanotechnology can be easily installed on new and existing surfaces in homes, businesses, vehicles and many other environments. DFI's nanochemistry can be applied to most surfaces containing silica (silicon dioxide) such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and quartz. The chemical reaction bonds to form an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material, which makes the surface significantly easier to clean and resistant to weathering. The method is done at nano-scale levels, which is a length scale ranging from approximately 1 to 100 nanometers (1 nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter).

The bond created is the patented process is a covalent bond, meaning the coating actually shares electrons with molecules in the  glass itself, thus becoming part of the glass. Covalent bonds are approximately 10 times stronger than hydrogen-bridge bonds, which are commonly used in most other water repellent coatings. In addition, DFI coatings do not require any cure time so no time is wasted waiting for the treatment to set, another key consideration when selecting a protective coating.

Us Patent

The Patent Proves It

When you have technology that sets you apart from your competitors, you patent it to protect the idea. Nanotechnology is not different.

In the sea of questionable claims about what products can do, a patent is the proof that you can rely on to ensure the technology is real. As new coatings enter the market, look to see if they are patented, If you can't find the number, ask the sales representative or manufacturer. If it not patented it is likely based on old, obsolete technology despite what they may be claiming.

Diamon-Fusion International, is the holder of several patents or patents-pending in over 120 countries worldwide. DFI's Research & Development team is constantly improving the process and techniques covered by the patent, as well as creating new and exciting products for your car, home and business. The United States Patent number for Diamon-Fusion is 6,245,387 and can be found on the US Patent and Trademark Office website (www.uspto.gov).