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"I purchased a truck that had a Diamon-Fusion protected windshield. One day I was driving and a stone about the size of my thumb hit it, I looked at my windshield to see where it hit and could not see any damage, I said wow! I am so impressed with this product and was wondering if I could buy this product to put on my wife's windshield."

- Morgan S.

"Thank you so much to the Building Beautiful team who treated our shower enclosures with Diamon-Fusion at our new home. I was concerned about the maintenance of our large shower enclosure. After hearing about your Diamon-Fusion product, I decided to try it. I couldn't be happier. Your product is incredible. There's very little maintenance and our shower enclosures look like they've never been used! We were so happy with this product that we had you come back to do our glass fencing. Since nothing sticks to the glass with your product there's nothing to block our great view of the ocean!"

- Peggy Boyle
Newport Beach, California (USA)

"I have been using your Diamon-Fusion since I purchased my Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2012, it has minimized damage to my windshield several times already (Thank you)."

- Joseph Riker

"We are very pleased we chose to protect all of our showers with Diamon-Fusion® as well as our poolside glass railings. They stay looking great and so too does our beautiful hillside view."

- Rich Mull, Malibu
California (USA)

“We had all the windows in the car treated with Diamon-Fusion® ULTRA™. Many other storm chasers reported broken windows after we had these monsters coming down on us. Mainly hen egg hail with a few tennis balls mixed in. We received heavy body damage but no broken windows! Thank you Diamon-Fusion International!”

- Storm Chaser Kevin Saunders
Texas (USA)

“With respect to the utilization of the Diamon-Fusion® protective coating, we apply it every time we replace the windshields wipers. During rain, Diamon-Fusion® notably improves the visibility because the water droplets run rapidly over the windshield and in some cases, it eliminates the need for the electrical windshield wipers. It also improves the efficiency of the windshield wipers in the case of removing oil or mud. It has truly been a great safety feature for our team as Diamon-Fusion has not only demonstrated great impact resistance but improved race track visibility during rainy conditions, a very significant asset for our drivers."

- Rafael Croceri
Race Track & Logistics Engineer, Team CHEVROLET YPF Super TC200 

"I remodeled a bathroom and have glass shower surround. I read about Diamon-Fusion® to keep the glass from spotting. Central Coast Diamon-Fusion, an authorized professional DFI Applicator, came over quickly after the glass was installed and applied the product... It's been 2 years and the glass is as beautiful as when first installed. There is hardly any maintenance."  

- Lalakini O.
Santa Cruz, California (USA)

Diamon-Fusion® is amazing... being on the saltwater in big water it's imperative I can see out my windows. The whole fleet could benefit from using this stuff.” 

- Mike Manns, Manns Charter Service
Homer, Alaska (USA)

"The fact of the matter is that your product is fabulous. The [DFI coating protected] shower glass looks like it was never used 15-20 minutes after showering, and the glass balcony rails shimmer notwithstanding they are buffeted daily by westerly’s carrying heavy moisture from the bay.”

- Walkie Ray, Ray Residence
Newport Beach, California (USA)

"I had some Diamon-Fusion® on my first Ridgeline and loved it. Although, it was a option that Checkered Flag Honda offered at the time, when I went to getting a new vehicle they no longer offered it. In the Hampton Roads Diamon-Fusion® is a must and a product that I stand behind, as I have seen how it stands up to road debris."

- Anthony Sarquilla
Portsmouth, Virginia (USA)

"Thank you very much for your excellent customer care. Outstanding.

- Benka Carr
Park Hills, Missouri (USA)

"I was out on a fishing charter in Whittier, Alaska and the captain had Diamon-Fusion® applied to the windshield of the vessel. There was a dramatic improvement in visibility and I can see how this would improve safety on my boat. I have a small fishing boat with approximately 10 square feet of windshield and I would like to apply one of your products to it."

- Scott DuBrow
Cedar Grove, New Jersey (USA)

 "I have owned my solar panels for two years. After the first year of ownership, during which I had to clean them repeatedly, I decided to treat the surfaces with Diamon-Fusion®. During this second year with Diamon-Fusion®, I did not have to clean at all and my electrical output was virtually identical comparing the two years - despite being told that I would lose about 1% per year of output due to panel aging. Better yet, my two highest output months (so the lowest electrical bills) were both during the second year with Diamon-Fusion®. I am very happy with the fact that Diamon-Fusion® saved me time, effort and money. It is definitely helping me get more out of my solar investment."

- Philip Baron, Homeowner & Realtor
Northridge, California (USA)

"I treated the front windshield of my car with Diamon-Fusion® NanoPax over two months ago. We live in north-central Iowa, which means we have about every kind of weather you can think of. Since I treated the windshield we have had an early-spring eight-inch snow, sleet and several rains. That’s about par for the course this time of year.

A couple of days after putting on the DFI, I was on the highway going to work when it started to rain. I rolled along for several miles before I realized I hadn’t turned on the windshield wipers. I simply didn’t notice that I needed them. Here I was going about 65 in a moderate rain and I had almost normal visibility without using the wipers. The rain was beading up (tiny beads) on the windshield and flying off the glass so fast that there was no need for wipers. Sure, if a semi passed me and kicked up a spray I had use the wipers, but that was about it.

I had tried another windshield product a couple of years ago and got tired of reapplying it every few days. After a one good rain you could tell 'brand X' was wearing off and you always had to reapply it after going through a car wash. I eventually threw the bottle away without using it all.

Well, in addition to our smorgasbord of weather the past month, the car has been washed three times and I see no sign that the DFI treatment is wearing off. I know it won’t last forever, but I certainly won’t mind if I only have to reapply it once every few months. 

This is a product that flat out works!"

- David Gervich
Iowa Falls, Iowa (USA)

"I loved the way Diamon-Fusion® performed on the windows, showers, and tile and granite at my home so much, that not only did I have Central Coast Diamon Fusion and Window Cleaning apply it to the windows of my new Ocean Honda dealership location but I had them put it on my courtesy shuttle vehicles as well. Now the glass at Ocean Honda is protected, sparkling and easy to clean and my drivers love their clear windshields, especially in the rain."

- Steve John, Tournament Director of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am and (Previous) Owner of Ocean Honda
Santa Cruz, California (USA)

"A frameless shower enclosure was ordered for my home about 8 months ago. I was advised by the salesperson to treat the glass surface with a new type of conditioner since the old glass enclosure was caked with water/soap stain. I have a water softener and have tried every product on the market to regularly clean the old glass. It looked filthy! I was very skeptical about any new product being sold to me but I ordered it anyway. After 8 months and minimal maintenance with the DFI KIT, the glass looks exactly like the day it was installed. The expense of the DFI treatment is minimal considering the cost of the glass enclosure replacement. I don't fully understand the technology, but based on the successful results that I've had, I would highly recommend the Diamon Fusion® treatment."

- Joel Harris
Armonk, New York (USA)

"I had a shower door installed 7-years ago that had severe hard water staining although it was initially treated with another coating product. After an extensive Internet search, I came across your Consumer Maintenance Kit and it has completely removed the stains and returned my door to almost new condition – it even removed the stains on my bathroom faucets as well. I am very pleased with the results and have recommended the product to a number of my friends."

- Marty Sidor
Palo Alto, California (USA)

"I had Diamon Fusion® applied on my shower door in October 2001 and it is still very effective and has more than exceeded my expectations after all of these years. I also am extremely pleased with your Consumer Maintenance Kit which has saved me several hundred dollars in potential replacement costs."

- Tom Thompson
Corona del Mar, California (USA)

"The right and the left sides of our large facility are joined together by our 'Fountain Room' It is an octagonal, all glass structure, with a large water feature in the middle. In the two years I have been working at Donatelle, cleaning that fountain has been my custodial department’s Achilles heel. We have tried just about every product, on the market, to clean the white calcium water spots that reappear everyday. Water, in New Brighton, is some of the 'hardest' water in Minnesota. Even using 'soft' water did not eliminate the problem. This water feature is very important part of the facility to our owners, the Donatelle brothers. They pay a lot of attention to details and when that fountain started to look worn and scaly all the time, they demanded an immediate solution.

A present employee approached me about a small business venture he was involved in. It was a business that applied a 'special' coating to protected hard surfaces. I researched Diamon-Fusion® on the internet and was interested to see it involved nano-technology that I had just started to read about in other professional publications. I was interested, but not highly motivated, I had tried so many other products with no success. I had the employee coat a small section of the fountain with Diamon-Fusion®, to test out what this product could really do. The sample area held-up spectacularly. We watched it for weeks. The surfaced remained shiny and clean. It was obvious the water spots could not stick to the coating, nor penetrate the surface. After a month I went 'all in' and authorized the expense of coating the entire fountain with Diamon- Fusion. It has been over six months since the fountain was cleaned and coated with this product and it shows no signs of giving-up. My custodial crew only needs to spend a few minutes everyday wiping it down with a damp rag and we are totally free of white spots. Most importantly, the owners were very happy with the results.

Thanks for the wonderful product(s), it has completely removed my 'fountain fears'".

- Phil Herbold, Facilities Engineer at Donatelle Plastics
New Brighton, Minnesota (USA)

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