Sky Radio Network Features DFI Nanotechnology on Exclusive Sky Radio Program on American Airlines

DFI One of Few Companies Selected by Sky Radio Network for its Innovative Nanotechnology to be featured on its In-flight Audio Service

SAN CLEMENTEMonday, August 27, 2007

Sky Radio Network has selected Diamon Fusion® International (DFI Nanotechnology) to be a featured company on its Exclusive American Airlines in-flight radio program that features companies chosen for cutting-edge products and innovative business practices, according to DFI Senior Officials.

DFI was chosen among a select group of innovative businesses by Sky Radio for its unique nanotechnology, exclusive licensing agreements and impact the company has made within the marketplace. Adam Zax, president and chief executive officer of DFI was recently interviewed by American Airlines and the audio program, which will air during the month of September, is scheduled to run on 29,000 audio-equipped American Airlines flights.

During the interview Zax describes the innovative nanocoating process and how DFI’s patented hydrophobic system makes surfaces, containing silica, much easier to clean and describes its uses in protecting glass, tile, porcelain and granite from breaking or scratching. In addition, Zax presented the new world-changing DFI “green technology” coating product, soon to be launched by DFI that will reduce airborne pollutants naturally. Applications of DFI’s new green coating on large buildings, buses, trains and subway systems will provide additional value by eliminating harmful chemicals that are dangerous to the environment.

“Our new green technologies are truly ground-breaking; they are a perfect synergy of Mother Nature and cutting edge nanotechnology. We pride ourselves on continuously developing products that provide a broad understanding of the market’s needs,” stated Zax.

Sky Radio Network provides business, technology, health and entertainment programming to some of the largest airlines in the world. It produces high-quality business and technology news which educate and informs business travelers and airline passengers world-wide.

For the complete DFI Sky Radio Network interview premiering in October, click on the following link

DFI Nanotechnology multi-functional characteristics include: water and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic), impact and scratch resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and lubricity. DFI’s nanocoating works at nanoscale levels to change the molecular composition of any silica-based surface. Diamon Fusion® provides, in chemical terms, a ‘cross-linked’, ‘branched’ and ‘capped’ optically clear nano-film along with a strong and durable covalent bond. 

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