NEW Development: Diamon Fusion® coating adds brilliance, lubricity and additional electrical resistance to glass surfaces

Diamon Fusion® International, Inc. (DFI), previous winner of the Innovative Product of the Year, has recently discovers new properties of its unique coating.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CALIF.Friday, April 12, 2002

Diamon Fusion® International, Inc. (DFI), previous winner of the Innovative Product of the Year, has recently discovered new properties of its unique coating. Recent test results performed at Flat Glass, Vitro's business unit dedicated to manufacturing and distribution of construction and automotive glass located in Monterrey, Mexico, as a part of a Technology Agreement signed by both companies last year, show that the Diamon Fusion® process applied on glass enhances such surfaces by adding at least 20% more brilliance and at least 30% more lubricity. Furthermore, other test results also show the coating to have 1,000 times more electrical resistance, in addition to being able to reduce leaching of calcium and sodium.One treatment lasts for years and protects treated surfaces by making them:

Water Repellant (Hydrophobic)

Stain and Graffiti Resistant

Scratch Resistant

Impact Resistant

Abrasion Resistant

Substantially Easier to Maintain by Reducing Leaching of Calcium and Sodium-NEW DEVELOPMENT!

At least 1,000 times more Electrical Resistant (additional electrical insulation)-NEW DEVELOPMENT!

At least 20% more brilliant (glass)-NEW DEVELOPMENT!

At least 30% more lubricating-NEW DEVELOPMENT!

Capable of Receiving "Invisible Art Glass™"- (exclusive trademark)
Artwork or lettering imbedded in clear glass that only becomes visible when fogged, steamed, or misted (popular on shower doors)

This new cost-effective technology is also mobile and can treat existing surfaces as well as new.

Uncoated Glass

Water beading up on glass surface treated with Diamon Fusion®

Note: the "contact angles" shown above measure the level of water repellency on the substrate

Mr. Guillermo Seta, Vice President of DFI, very pleased with these new developments of their proprietary process, stated: "as an innovative technology supplier and one of the pioneers in the development of hydrophobic coatings, we must remain true to our core values, such as creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on constant pursuit for new ideas."

Diamon Fusion® is a proprietary process (patented technology) of imbedding an optically clear film into the microscopic ridges of glass and any silica-based surfaces that literally grows from the inside of the substrate out and then 'capping' it, creating a long lasting hydrophobic (water repellent) film. This film is permanently attached to the substrate, prevents damage and dramatically reduces the time required to maintain treated surfaces in residential, commercial, automotive or any other industrial applications.

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