DFI expands Renewable Energy applications of patented Diamon Fusion® nano-coating by being specified at “Archimede” Project in Sicily, Italy.

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF.Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diamon Fusion® International, Inc. (DFI Nanotechnology), global developer and exclusive licensor of patented hydrophobic nanotechnologies, announced today the exclusive application of its patented nano- coating product to a large-scale solar project by one of the world’s largest power companies,Enel. The Enel project, named “Archimede”, will expand DFI’s renewable energy applications of its proprietary coating system to the solar panel market, increasing awareness of the varieties of applications available to the renewable energy marketplace through DFI’s product line. Diamon Fusion® has been specified by ENEL to be fashioned at this project as a valuable low-maintenance (easy-to-clean) feature to reduce on-going cleaning costs. DFI’s eco-friendly nano-coating also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals thus creating a more green environment

The Enel Archimede solar panel project represents the first application worldwide of the integration of a gas burned combine cycle power plan and a thermodynamic solar energy system. This large-scale, high yield operation will produce electricity from the sun’s energy, even at night or under cloudy conditions, as a result of a mixture of salts in the water, capable of conserving heat absorbed during the day for extended periods of time. The large solar plant will be located next to an existing Enel power plant in Priolo Gargallo (Sicily) and will add 20 MW to its capacity, replacing the equivalent of 12,500 tons of oil consumption annually, while reducing CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonsIn the photovoltaic sector, Enel has the largest plant in operation in the world: the Serre Persano plant in the province of Salerno, which consists of 26,500 square meters of solar panels with a capacity of 3.3 MW, enough to meet the energy needs of 1,400 families. DFI’s flagship Diamon Fusion® Nano-coating will be applied directly to the solar panels’ glass substrate, protecting the system from environmental elements, by providing a low-maintenancefeature along with a barrier from damage caused by hard water, oil, smog, calcium and sodium deposits, and dirt, while providing UV stability, impact protection and increased brilliance in product performance.

We’ve had a vast interest and great acceptance of the DFI nanotech products within multiple renewable energy sectors here in Italy and are confident in value-added product offerings DFI’s innovative nano coating technology present to the solar energy market; Enel’s Archimede project represents an important, and very significant,  first step toward introducing the patented Diamon Fusion® nano-coating in multiple solar energy projects throughout Europe”, said Paolo Spinelli, Managing Director of Aktarus Group SRL.

“We are thrilled to partner with a world-leader in renewable energy on this ground-breaking solar panel project,” stated Guillermo Seta, executive director of DFI Global Operations. “The Diamon Fusion® nano-coating offers a significant added-value to this particular project and we are pleased to showcase the multi-functional capabilities our patented system provides.”

Enel is a world leader in the renewable energy sector with approximately 83,000 MW of generating capacity in 22 countries world-wide, serving as the largest power company in Italy and second largest in Europe by installed capacity. Likewise, in both North and Latin America Enel is positioned as one of the largest renewable independent operators that have over 1,100 MW of installed capacity through hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, geothermal, photovoltaic, wind and biomass power generation. The company produces, distributes and sells electricity and gas across Europe, North and Latin America, serving more than 52 million power and gas customers.

DFI Nanotechnology multi-functional characteristics include: water and oil repellency (hydrophobic and oleophobic,), impact and scratch resistance, protection against graffiti, dirt and stains, finger print protection, UV stability, additional electrical insulation, protection against calcium and sodium deposits and increased brilliance and lubricity. DFI’s nanocoating works at nanoscale levels to change the molecular composition of any silica-based surface. Diamon Fusion®® provides, in chemical terms, a ‘cross-linked’, ‘branched’ and ‘capped’ optically clear nano-film along with a strong and durable covalent bond.


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