DFI signs 5-yr license with AST in US leading hi-tech and R&D state

AST- Applied Surface Technology LLC, an Albuquerque-based surface technology company will develop DFI‘s proprietary process in both residential and commercial markets in the State of New Mexico.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANOWednesday, May 10, 2006

Robert T. Sanders, Managing Director of Applied Surface Technology, reported: “We look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities associated in partnering with DFI to establish a lasting and thriving business in New Mexico with such innovative technology”.

Guillermo U. Seta, Executive Director of DFI, stated: “This new strategic alliance is mainly focused on the expansion of the US market and highly oriented toward R&D, given the abundance of technology resources and the access that AST will provide to us in New Mexico, a natural location for scientific developments.”

New Mexico, the 47th US state (admitted in 1912) with a population of under 2M, leads the US in high-tech exports - $2.35 billion in 2000- with over 900 hi-tech companies and is widely recognized in for its technology capacity, ranking in the US:

First in hi-tech exports as a percentage of total state exports. (USDOC, Census Bureau, MISER)

Second among the 50 states in PhD scientists and engineers as a percentage of the civilian work force. (National Science Foundation, 1999)

Second in federal obligations for research and development (National Science Foundation, Fiscal Year 1998)

Second in R & D intensity. (R & D as a percentage of GSP - National Science Foundation, March 2001)

Three federal research laboratories, three growing research universities and three developing research parks drive New Mexico's hi-tech growth: Air Force Research Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory.

"Plant some scientists in the middle of a desert and technology will blossom." Avionics Magazine, June 2000

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