DFI’s Automated Coating Machine Now Modular to Grow as You Grow

World’s Most Efficient Coating Machine Gets a New Look

IRVINE, CALIFORNIATuesday, May 23, 2017

Diamon-Fusion International, is breaking ground with the newest edition of their protective coating machine, the FuseCube™ Flex (emphasis on the Flex), signifying the most efficient coating machine in the industry can now be upgraded to help glass fabricators meet growing production demands, for just a small fraction of the original cost. The innovations in DFI’s new FuseCube Flex take the easiest application method in the industry and makes it flexible and more profitable for any size fabricator or manufacturer on any growth trajectory.


The FuseCube, which now comes in seven different sizes, including five new Flex models, will allow fabricators in the industry to save time, money and space when considering the need to meet new production demands, without adding a brand new machine. The Flex models can be upgraded in less than a day, take up minimal floor space, and as mentioned, cost substantially less than the original price.


Similar to the original FuseCube, the Flex can reduce labor costs by up to 99% (see it in action on YouTube -, providing a solution to the predicament of high turnover rates fabricators often encounter. It will also eliminate the worry involved with coating the wrong side of the glass, as DFI’s proprietary vapor-deposition process evenly coats both sides of the glass for less than the single-sided price.


“The idea behind the FuseCube Flex was truly quite simple: give our customers a machine that not only meet their demand today, but grows with them as their demand changes in the future. The Flex’s ability to transform with minimal hassle and costs, while simultaneously differentiating the fabricator in terms of productivity, labor savings, quality and safety is a true game changer.” – Russell Slaybaugh, COO, Diamon-Fusion International


The FuseCube Flex is the only coating machine in its category that enables glass fabricators to apply Diamon-Fusion® Easiest-to-Clean™ coating using DFI’s proprietary vapor deposition process on both sides of the glass at the lowest labor costs in the industry. The FuseCube also produces zero emissions ensuring there is no chemical exposure, and the operators never have to touch or spray chemicals to achieve an ideal coating every time. 


“Coating both sides of the glass has been a great differentiator for us by eliminating backward installation errors and significantly reducing handling and transit damage. Diamon-Fusion has been a great added value for our customers and us.” - Jim Arnold, President of GLASSource, Grand Haven, Michigan


“With the FuseCube, we can treat 150 shower doors in two hours, which would normally take us 16 hours by hand. I can’t believe the difference it has made in our production line.” – Chad Eighmey, Plant Manager, Splendor Quality Glass Products, Holland, Ohio


IGE Glass Technologies is the exclusive distributor of the FuseCube in the US and Canada. For more information about IGE Glass Technologies, Inc., please or contact the company or phone: 1.800.919.7181.


For more information about the FuseCube™ or Diamon-Fusion® International, please visit, or contact the company at +1 949.388.8000.


About Diamon-Fusion International:


Since 1997, Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) has been developing, manufacturing and distributing protective coatings, application machinery and restoration products for architectural and transportation surfaces such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz. DFI’s coatings significantly reduce maintenance costs, are impact and scratch resistant, and can keep surfaces looking and performing like-new forever. The Company has distribution in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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