DFI's History

Innovative work in the field of hydrophobicity

DFIThe growth of Diamon-Fusion International, Inc (DFI) has developed in several successful stages. Since its early beginning of research & development in the late 1980's, DFI's innovative work in the field of hydrophobicity has set the standard in the coatings industry.

DFI's technology took center stage in 1996 when its unique chemical vapor process was named "Innovative Product of the Year" by the prestigious Kitchen and Bath business magazine. In 2001, DFI received its first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark office, reflecting the unique properties of DFI's technology, setting the company apart from others in surface-protective coatings.

Prior to 2002, DFI was primarily focused on marketing the Vapor Depositions Method of applying its flagship coating Diamon-Fusion®. It was in this year, DFI expanded its offerings, launching the Restore, Protect and Maintain product series, which included DFI Restoration Powder and DFI Revitalizer. Since then, other new products have been added, such as the Consumer Maintenance Kit and Glass Rescue™. 

2004 brought DFI's first hand-applied Diamon-Fusion® product, dramatically improving the ease of application on already-installed surfaces. With further R&D a new hand-applied formula was introduced reducing required labor by 33%, making it friendly to surrounding surfaces that might be exposed to the solution. DFI raised the bar for ease-of-application again in 2008 when it introduced the new NanoPax® form-factor. The pre-portioned, easy-to-use NanoPax® were awarded Glass Magazine's Crystal Achievement Award for the Most Innovative Protective Glazing Product of the Year. The next successful product launch includes Clear-Fusion™V for the best combination of price and quality, available for the Do-It-Yourself model.

In 2013, DFI was proud to launch its most efficient coating process to date with its new FuseCube™ designed to revolutionize the protective coating industry, by offering the most cost-effective, high-quality coating process in the world. Utilizing DFI's award-winning Diamon-Fusion® coating, fabricators can now coat thousands of square feet of glass on both sides and all exposed edges of the glass in less than an hour, all while reducing costs up to 75% versus hand-applied coatings.

There is no stopping DFI in its mission to provide a coating for every surface and to be known as the go-to company for protective coatings. DFI has become a world leader in surface protective coatings, building strategic alliances around the work with experienced and well-established companies in various.

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Mission Statement

To be a high performance and innovative global company known for its high commitment to developing quality partners and employees, creating a genuine perception of good value for every customer and making the world an easier place to protect and maintain.


DFIs Vision is clearly defined as follows:

Diversify Business Relationships with Creativity and Quality
Forming of Alliances for Pursuit of Constant Technology Development
Integrity as a Core Value 

Furthermore, the essence of our vision relies on three key elements of DFI's structure: Profitability, Efficiency and Simplicity.

Core Values

At DFI, we believe the key to constant innovation and technology improvement lies in remaining true to our values:


Transparent communication at all times with:

    • Trustworthiness
    • Ethics
    • Morality
    • Reliability
    • Honesty
    • Self discipline and conduct
    • Understanding


Constant pursuit for new ideas through:

    • Looking for unconventional solutions
    • Leveraging our global reach to find and spread best-practices
    • Constant analysis of cost-benefit ratio
    • Searching for linkages that others have not found
    • Finding new ways to partner

Customer Care

Guaranteed customer satisfaction by:

    • Being a very innovative and reliable supplier of technology
    • Treating customers as business partners
    • Offering timely and friendly service
    • Staying in close contact with all customer’s concerns
    • Providing constant technical support
    • Answering to all problems with specific solutions
    • Keeping a proactive approach at all times


Pioneering of innovative surface care solutions by:

    • Striving for efficiency and excellence
    • Maintaining at the top of state-of-the-art technology
    • Monitoring customers’ needs
    • Understanding market needs
    • Standardizing efficient operational procedures and services
    • Quickly implementing new improvements to our process


Business relations built with:

    • A clear understanding of common goal and mutual benefit
    • A teamwork integrated attitude
    • The realization of joint efforts
    • Capitalizing on shared strengths
    • Open forum for development of ideas